Worship at Petra

  Worship at Petra  
As part of a discussion on why Christians worship, Pastor Mark Paustian writes the following: “When these people worship, it’s not because anyone tells them to.  No one needs to.  They adore Jesus...because they see Him...And here’s the beauty of it: This worship is not so much their gift to God...It’s His gift to them.” 

God with Us & Son of Man…
Good Shepherd & Lamb of God…
Suffering Servant & Risen Lord…

When we see who Jesus is, when we contemplate what He has done; when we quietly ponder the depth of love which kept Him on the cross for our salvation…then we see Him. 
Then we see why we worship.  Then we see why worship is not really about us, it’s about Him. 

And it affects how we approach His House.  And it affects how we look at our “worship experience.”

Worship here at Petra is many things: it is filled with prayer, music, Scripture, and singing.  It holds in high reverence the Sacraments of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It opens its arms to energy and smiles of little children; the battered and broken souls coming from battered and broken lives; the searching soul who longs for peace and belonging.  And always it is focused on Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. 

Come worship with us!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter
Pastor Meier compares worship in the Evangelical camp and the Lutheran camp: "One side, the “contemporary” camp—largely made up of Evangelicals—promotes worship that fits with the popular venues of the day, endorses keeping worship simple, and turns its back on the “stodginess” of past centuries of service and song. The other side, the “traditionalists”—particularly the confessional Lutherans—desire to stay the course and shuns the thought of “dumbing down” worship at the expense of watering down the Gospel. Who will prevail? Which is the right way? Is there only one right way to worship? Can there be a present-day Palestrina to bridge the gap?” Pastor Meier skillfully answers these questions in his essay.