Want to Learn More?

  Want to Learn More?  
For those interested in learning more about the peace we have in Jesus, Petra offers a five session basic membership course (Basic Bible Christianity 101) on core teachings of the Christian faith.  The class is open to all, there is no obligation to join following the course (though we'd love to have you!), and there is no cost to those attending.

This class is available anytime by appointment with Pastor Prell and he will be glad to figure out a time and place that works for you.  Contact him anytime at:
pastor@petralutheran.com or 320-252-0120

We also encourage new and long-time members to consider two additional courses (BBC 201 and BBC 301) which dig deeper into Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Church.  These courses are offered periodically throughout the year. 
Basic Bible Christianity 101
BBC 101 is a five session course exploring foundational teachings of the Christian Church.  It is our basic instructional course for those wishing to join Petra as communicant members.
Basic Bible Christianity 201
BBC 201 presents more teachings of Scripture and builds off of the foundation laid in BBC 101.  It is geared toward newer members who want to continue to dig deeper into their faith and longtime members wishing to brush up on their knowledge of God’s Word.
Basic Bible Christianity 301
BBC 301 is a six session course which seeks to better equip the Christian for their walk of faith in this world.  These sessions will take participants into a deeper discussion of God’s Will in order to lead them to consider how they can better live a life of love toward God and their neighbor as they wait for eternal glory in heaven.