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In a time when people waited for a Messiah to bring peace to a troubled world, Jesus called Peter to leave his fishing boat to follow Him. Walk along with Peter on his journey from despair to a new life of courage as Jesus reveals how His victory at the cross and grave affects our daily life and brings power to carry out His purpose for our lives.

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Come Follow Me - Lesson 1
In this lesson we look closely at Jesus' life to see who our Leader is and how we follow as His disciples.
Come Follow Me - Lesson 2
In this lesson we ask one of those big existential questions ("What is truth?") and discover how the ultimate answer to the question is Jesus.
Come Follow Me - Lesson 3
This lesson asks another of the big questions which often could be summed up as: "Why God, why?"  In the end, Christians place themselves in the hand of their loving God and echo Jesus' Gethsemane prayer: "You will be done."
Come Follow Me - Lesson 4
Sin and guilt are heavy burdens to bear.  This lesson examines how we can be rid of them and help others to do the same.
Come Follow Me - Lesson 5
What people often desire most is "to belong."  Christians rejoice in the family we have in Christ and are encouraged in this lesson to reach out in love to those who are seeking love and belonging.
Come Follow Me - Lesson 6
We are loved.  We are forgiven.  We have eternal life with Jesus!  The Christian rejoices in these truths but often asks: "Now what?"  "What do I do until I get to heaven?"  This lesson talks about living that new life in Jesus while we wait for our crown of life in heaven.
Come Follow Me - Lesson 7
This final lesson examines purpose.  What is your purpose?  What is the Church's purpose?  What is the purpose of the local congregation?  May God richly bless us as we seek to live out His purpose for our lives!